DPC is a cross disciplinary meeting for scientists interested in theoretical and experimental aspects of excited states dynamics in condensed matter in physics, chemistry, life sciences and material sciences.

DPC’16 will cover the following topics:

1 - Spectroscopy and excited state dynamics of doped clusters, insulators and semiconductors

energy transfer, highly excited states, extreme conditions, electron-phonon interactions, phonon dynamics, ultrafast processes

2 - Excited state dynamics of macromolecules and biomolecules

single molecule, photosynthesis, bioluminescence, bio-probes

3 - Spectroscopy of nanoscale and single nano-objects

up-conversion, plasmons, imaging

4 - Coherent, nonlinear and high resolution spectroscopy

four-wave mixing, spectral filtering

5 - Dynamics of photovoltaic and photocatalysis materials

electron transfer, down and up-converters

6 - Optical control and detection of quantum systems

spin dynamics, quantum information processing, spintronics


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